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We can sign a None-Disclosure Agreement
We Strictly support our NDA Terms
We respect the privacy of your business and our collaboration with you. That's why we ensure that all the information you share with us (includes copy, art work, design assets, clients' details, contact information, etc) is only used for the HTML designing and coding. Your designs and the completed HTML code is never shared with any person or organization.
We would never use your artwork to sell on our or any other sites. Moreover, the designs wouldn't be resold either. All the copyrights of your design assets and artworks and the HTML coded email stay with you and so do the other rights of use.
You can trust on us completely, as we believe in building long-term relations with our clients that are based on trust, transparency and mutual growth.
You can upload your NDA when you order by using file up loader or you can send it to us at support@emailguy.in and we'd be glad to sign it and send it back to you.
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